tackling concussion in scottish rugby


We generate funds and collaborate with experts to tackle the issue of concussion in scottish rugby. Our mission is to educate and protect young rugby players in Scotland whilst ensuring we continue to promote the great game of rugby. We achieve this by funding education and awareness programmes with Scottish Rugby as well as technology research projects with innovative universities and start ups.


We have three pillars that help us achieve our fundraising goals:



Imagine the feeling of buying clothes knowing any profits are helping to tackle the issue of concussion rather than finding it's way into a shareholders pocket. Check out our ever growing range of clothing here.



It all started here. Steven Sims started this epic sevens team over a decade ago and its gone from strength to strength with elite coaches like Scott Riddell and Richie Vernon supporting us along the way.

No Excuses, play like a champion and tour like a legend. Putting the BaBa's to shame since 2008.

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Climbing the highest peaks, running marathons and cycling off the ends of the earth. All in order to tackle concussion in sport through player awareness, coach awareness and the best treatment possible.